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Thursday, June 7, 2012

My new sewing area!

Before we moved in 2009, my sewing area was the dinner table and my storage was the front hallway.  Obviously not condusive to long-term projects such as quilts and clothing.  I would have to unpack everything and either pack it back up again when done or push it to the edge of the table and hope for the best.....When the house was put on the market, I was in the middle of a twin quilt for Tessa.  Unable to leave everything out while people were looking at the house and while we were packing to move, I put all the materials into a large plastic ziplock bag.

In the new house, all my sewing stuff was put into the basement.  I would rummage through looking for whatever I needed.  I had a folding table for my sewing machine.  I did make the girls nightgowns that year but it was a very hap-hazard area.  More and more yarn got stuffed down there.  Spools of thread fell out and rolled all over the basement floor.  Pins and hooks fell to the floor and were swept into piles.  It was not pretty......

This February, my husband built an area in the basement to use as a playroom for the girls.  He built walls and we just finished with carpet.  So now came the part for each of us to clean our areas. 

Massive amounts of yarn, material and thread were thrown out.  Between the dust of the basement and the construction of the playroom, the fibers of the yarn were dirty.  Some half-finished projects were tossed.  Some kept.

I switched tables for the piggies and moved a plastic shelving unit.  Picked up a 9-cube unit with 4 fabric bins.  Craig moved one of the lights and added another to the area as well as putting up a small sheet of peg board.

I moved tupperware containers of completed projects for sale and rescued yarn under the tables, securely closed.  Fabrics and small skeins of yarn to the 9-cube unit.

My new peg board for ribbon, scissors and rulers

My only issue is with my room-mates.....
Baby piggy

I share my space with the piggies and the litter box on the other side near the washer and dryer.  Craig thinks that it is only fair as he spent 10 years in the other house with the litter boxes in a tiny room.
So now, I just to move my sewing machine downstairs from the dining room where it resides with the current projects that I am working on.....

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