Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Thoughts

So here we are at the last day of the year. It has been a wild and crazy ride indeed.

We have seen progress with Amanda but are also hitting some road blocks with her tantrums and stubborness. We have seen a glimmer of hope with the eating issues but she refuses to continue. But it is a hope.

Tessa is becoming such a pretty girl. She is a wonderful child. Very active but she tries hard to behave. She has grown so tall this past year.

I hate to say that I am making any New Year's Resolutions but I do want to accomplish some things next year.

I want to try to get into an exercise routine. I hate working out in front of people. I am too shy and self-concious for that. But I have to get up earlier in the morning to exercise then and anyone who knows me, knows that I am so not a morning person. But I have to try. And I have to get back in the habit of eating salads daily. I have been slacking badly this last half of the year.

I want to try and keep up with my blogging. I am going on day 4!!! But, I will make the Wordpress resolution and aim for a weekly post. I do not think I have that much to tell the world daily, besides who reads this blog anyways? It is just for me.

I want to try and take more time in my appearence. Wear more jewelry. Take more pride in myself and less looking like a frumpled mommy.
I would like to continue with crocheting pieces for charity. I hope that the bereavement items are well-received at the hospital. It would be a sad thing for me to have to ship this lovely items out of state. I want to continue supporting the CHERUBS H.O.P.E Tote bag program as it is something I believe is worth the time.
It will be interesting to look back here next year and see what the year has brought to my life. I hope to have lots more to share next year.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Infant Burial Gowns

This is an close view of the Boy's Infant Burial Gown and hat. I wove ribbon in the hat and in the gown.

Full view of the hat and gown

View showing the flannel lining of the Boy's Burial Gown

This is the infant burial gown for a girl. You can see that it is lined with flannel and has an open back.

Here is a close up of the detail on the girl's gown. I have two rows of ribbons that tie in the back and three rose ribbons.

Here is a better view of the gown and bonnet.

Another day....

Wow, another blog post. On a roll now :)

Dropped the girls off at daycare today. They were so excited to go. Sad when your children are more excited about going to daycare for the day than staying home with you. I guess that it ultimately means that I picked a good daycare for them. They have fun, feel safe and cared for there. Can any working parent ask for more?

They are very tolerant of Panda and her ASD behaviors. They usually can redirect her. We only get called if she cannot be redirected and her meltdown lasts too long. They love her and take care of her. It is nothing to find her cuddling with one of the "grandmas" when you pick her up at night. Poor Craig usually gets yelled at by Tess that he is too early to pick her up and that she wanted to stay later.

I watched a video yesterday on youtube called Glass Children. Very sad story of how siblings of special needs children can feel looked through as the parent only sees the special needs of the other child. Very compelling story for me because not only do I have a special needs child with Autism but have lost a child at birth and will always miss that baby boy. Does Tess feel like a glass child? Does she feel ignored in favor of her sister and always have to be the one to sacrifice her needs? I know Craig and I try to not have that happen but it worries me that in 15-20yrs, it could be my Tess up on that stage.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day two

Woot! Look at me. Another blog post. Wow. This is huge improvement from last time.
So currently I am working on some burial items for infant loss. I have completed two burial gowns for 3-5 lbs, one girl and one boy. I am putting the ribbon on a girl gown for 1-3lbs and created a fetal demise pouch. I hope to be able to donate these to my local hospital’s bereavement team.
Some of you may know that I have been crocheting this past year for CHERUBS H.O.P.E(Helping Other Parents Expecting) Totebag Project. The project assists families expecting babies born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia by providing them with much needed free information and support items through a community project in which all CDH families can participate and honor their children while helping new families affected by Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.
I am going to continue with this project but hope to branch out to some bereavement items in an attempt to pay it forward. Someone took the time to make sure that my son, Alexander, had something to wear when I held him to say goodbye. I want others to have that too.
I hope to publish some pictures of my completed items as soon as I figure out how. And place some links for ideas for crochet and knitting projects.
One to check out currently is:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Take two.....

Trying this again........

So my first attempt at blogging lasted all of the one post that I made. After all, who the heck wants to read about me. Honestly, I am a pretty boring person. But I have been branching out into some charity projects, I have a child with autism and eating issues, another child with ADHD, I am the mother of a CHERUB and I have, if I must say, a pretty decent sense of humor. So maybe no one wants to read about me, but that is okay.

So I am going to try doing this again. Maybe instead of just updating a Facebook status, I can come here and do the same.

Wish me luck!