Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another day....

Wow, another blog post. On a roll now :)

Dropped the girls off at daycare today. They were so excited to go. Sad when your children are more excited about going to daycare for the day than staying home with you. I guess that it ultimately means that I picked a good daycare for them. They have fun, feel safe and cared for there. Can any working parent ask for more?

They are very tolerant of Panda and her ASD behaviors. They usually can redirect her. We only get called if she cannot be redirected and her meltdown lasts too long. They love her and take care of her. It is nothing to find her cuddling with one of the "grandmas" when you pick her up at night. Poor Craig usually gets yelled at by Tess that he is too early to pick her up and that she wanted to stay later.

I watched a video yesterday on youtube called Glass Children. Very sad story of how siblings of special needs children can feel looked through as the parent only sees the special needs of the other child. Very compelling story for me because not only do I have a special needs child with Autism but have lost a child at birth and will always miss that baby boy. Does Tess feel like a glass child? Does she feel ignored in favor of her sister and always have to be the one to sacrifice her needs? I know Craig and I try to not have that happen but it worries me that in 15-20yrs, it could be my Tess up on that stage.

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