Friday, January 25, 2013

Doctor Who TARDIS Hat

Wow! Been awhile since my last blog post!!!! I  posted in August on my Wordpress blog.  Still trying to decide which I like more.....

Been knitting up a storm. Knitted a ballet sweater for both girls and a sweater for Craig. The raglan sweater that I made for Craig was the biggest project that I ever attemped and I was so proud of myself! It looks great on him.

My new adventure is going to be Fair Isle or two-stranded knitting. I am knitting a Doctor Who inspired motif! I found the motifs on Ravelry here I am using a basic hat pattern:

Craig and I have caught up on all the seasons of Big Bang Theory and I decided to watch Doctor Who with the current Doctor from the first to current episodes. Anyone who knows me remembers that I was deeply traumatized by David Tennent's departure from Doctor Who and flat out refused to except poor Matt Smith's Doctor. And now that I have come to realize that Matt Smith is here to stay, I am giving him a chance to win me over.

I started yesterday with a celestial blue and white motif. Decided to make the background TARDIS blue and the designs white. Got about 4 inches into the project last night and decided that a white TARDIS was absolutely not hitting it off with me.

So a frogging I went and cast on a heather grey background. Hopefully that interests me more. Pictures to follow.

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