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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So, this blogging thing.....

So, blogging…….

It has not really caught on for me. I really want it to work! I guess it is really like exercising. I really want a body like I did when I was 28, not 38.

Summer is going well. Tessa started two weeks of day-camp with the Girl Scouts. My poor little love was so nervous. But she is having a BLAST!

Amanda has her first “wobbly” teeth. (Thank you, Charlie and Lola for wobbly instead of loose) My baby girl has her first loose tooth. I am torn between being happy and sad at the same time.

I have sold my first two items on Etsy!! Very excited. I created a Facebook site for my store and thanks to my friends, I have over the 25 LIKES needed!!!!

I have put up a few more items on Etsy. I hope they take off. I like selling what I make.


  1. Hi Judye,
    I was wondering if you would like to get together to do a littlr bit of knitting instruction? I woujld be glad to help you not be so frustrated with the "old knitting needles!"
    So if you can wait until after April 22, I will have a lot more opportunity to get something on my calendar for you. Also, we have a knitting group at the Cathedral, which will be moving to Saint David's on the Hill over the summer, which might work for you, too. We love to teach people about knitting and would be happy to have you join us.

    Let me know!

    1. Hi Barbara

      It sounds lovely!!! I can do it but it is not as easy as crochet for me. But I loved the sock yarn hats! So vibrant!!!

      I may have to take you up on the offer after Girl Scouts and Dance classes end.

      Where are you moving to serve? We are still looking for a church home. Tessa has such a spiritual soul that I have a duty to nuture but it is hard with Amanda's Autism.