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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh my goodness!  Look at me trying to blog again.  I know...I is really rather amusing to see me try again.  But here goes.  My theory is if I can post updates on Facebook, I really should be able to keep up with a blog.....

Got a new crochet hook last week!  It is Sharp Crochet Hook and it is for crocheting borders on fabric.  It is IDEAL for crocheting a border onto a flannel blanket.  I  am currently working on my 5th blanket since last week!!!

Look at how pretty they look!!!! 

I am going to send them with the package for CHERUBS that my Girl Scout Troop is working on.  The girls are going to cut out eye masks from felt and foam picture frames to send for the CHERUBS H.O.P.E. Tote bag program.

They are so cute that I will be adding this type of blanket to my Etsy store,  GIGGLES, KISSES AND LOVE
Close up of the pretty border on this sweet blanket.  It is a nice way to take a store-bought blanket and turn it into a wonderful gift or donation for charity.

Here is a link to the hook:  Not getting paid for endorsing but it is a nice tool.  I cannot wait to do some cute little girl socks or glove edges next year!!!

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