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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Put on your foul weather gear and ride out the storm

Put on your foul weather gear and ride out the storm. The calm left behind is usually worth the ride.

I have belonged to a private group comprised of mothers with children on the autism spectrum for four years come May 2nd.  I checked my enroll date :D

During that time, we have rolled a wild ride through diagnosis, Early Intervention, IEP Drama and stress, mental health issues (our children and ours), marital problems, weight problems and a whole range of the gambit.  We even contributed to a published book  Screw attending a support group once a week!  I have had a support group available to me almost 24-7.

In the last 5 months, we have had a bit of a storm. 

First, we had two members leave after allegations that their children were not ever diagnosised nor did they present any symptoms during a CA meet- up when our Aussie friend and mom traveled to our West Coast.  (Honestly, she will be hunted down if she never comes and visits us moms in the Northeast! Fair warning, Val!!!!)  But honestly, there was more relief than turmoil as many of us had internally questioned these people. 

But recently there was a discussion over a polorized topic among families with autistic children and autistic people themselves(or families with children with autism and people with autism if you roll that way.....see how polorized the community can be?)  But this topic was Neurodiversity.    I have my own opinions on this topic but that is not the subject of this post.  Someone weighed in strongly with their opinion against Neurodiversity which another person took personally as they believe strongly in Neurodiversity.   Differences of opinions, really.  So what does an adult do?  THEY LEAVE THE GROUP!  Nonsense really.  Nonsense, to coin a phrase.  As that was the word that caused the split.

Following these episode has been some drama......resulting in more people leaving to avoid drama.  Thus, in reality, causing more drama.  And some very hurt feelings.  And some anger. 

How can four years of supporting each other be FLUSHED down the drain? I am left feeling like a little girl whose best friend just up and decided to no longer be friends.  I am really hurt by this.....

I know that this turmoil is normal when you are dealing with as many personalities, especially all women.  And growth can only be acheived if you prune.  But I am still left feeling hurt.  And left behind....

So seriously, Life is a storm.  Put on your foul weather gear and ride out the storm.  Look forward to the calm left behind. 
It is usually worth the ride.

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