Monday, April 23, 2012

A lazy rainy Sunday

Sunday, we got some much needed rain.

After our obligatory weekly visit to Craig's parents, we went home for lunch.  Took Amanda for a quick errand to get material to make her a weighted blanket for her bed.  But the rest of the Sunday was spent in leisurely repose.
Sad that it is raining and unable to play outside

Buggy took advantage of the rain with a much needed snooze. I tired him out while we were napping together.

Tessa found a spot to read a comic book
Amanda fiercely working on her gaming skills

Craig worked hard in the basement getting the wiring completed on the finished basement.  We did get laundry done.  I worked on the baby hat for charity and planned out the new weighted blanket for Ms Panda.

What a lovely day to spend in quiet activities.  Too bad it is ruined by a Monday........

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