Friday, April 12, 2013

Sock Knitting

I have ADD. I know this. I have even been medicated in the past. One arena that my ADD shines through is with my crafting projects. I am currently working on one sweater, a matching pair of the socks and a crochet afghan.
So, moving on to the pair of socks, I finished the first one yesterday. First ever sock finished. I love it! I have already started its mate. I want more sock yarn. I want to knit MORE socks. Socks, socks, socks. I love socks. I love novelty socks but they are hard to find. So I am trying to knit more own cool looking socks.

I even modeled my sock yesterday for my family and got rave reviews. The only downside to modeling my newborn sock to my daughter was that she immediately asked for me to make her a pair!

Now, she is getting a sweater knitted with my KAL through the Ravelry Group for Trappings and Trinkets. I do need to order two hanks of the yarn for her sweater and I know I will have enough left over to surprise her with a pair of socks.

But the thought of knitting a pair of socks where the child may outgrow before I can finish knitting is a bit daunting, I must say…..

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