Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Disney Day Three!


Now, I had no enthusiasm about EPCOT.  No idea of what to expect.  But I was overwhelmed as we walked through the gates and saw the landscape was done by Better Homes and Gardens event. 

It was simply gorgeous.  The colors of the flowers.  The landscaping.  Simply beautiful.

And it was Amanda's favorite day.

We did Spaceship Earth.  Amanda was not happy with the dark.  She started yelling she wanted off but I was able to calm her and she enjoyed some of the ride.

Afterwards was Finding Nemo.  That was a big success.  A little afraid of the dark so I downloaded an app for any future rides.  She enjoyed the aquarium built around Nemo.

Then off to the Circle of Life which she LOVED. 

Then we split up.  Amanda wanted to find Donald Duck and Tessa and Craig wanted to run Soarin.  Amanda and I made it Epcot Mexico to find the line for Donald and the Three Caballeros when he texted that the wait was 65 minutes.  No biggie!  Amanda and I got Donald's signature for Tessa.  Amanda got her picture taken with Donald.  And we wandered.  There were playgrounds.   Flowers beyond belief.  All you could smell were roses.  It was lovely!!!

We met back up with Tessa and Craig and went for lunch and then headed back to the pool for 40 minutes.  And went back to EPCOT for dinner.  Got there early so Tessa got Aurora's signature. 

After dinner, we walked through the Butterfly House on our way to meet up with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.  Amanda was enthralled.  She loved meeting Minnie.

She was so animated as we left the Character Meet and Greet.  She laughed at the fountain as it turned colors and sent the water higher.  She danced on the tiles with the lights and laughed.

Who would have thought that the park that I was meh about would be the park that she lit up about and that I loved the most?

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