Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Disney Trip Day Two

Today was our first official Disney Park event.  We decided to hit Magic Kingdom.  We figured that would be Amanda's favorite park.   Boy, were we wrong......

Tessa was excited right off the bat!  As we walked through the gates, Marie was there signing autographs.  Marie from Aristocats is Tessa's favorite character.  She was so happy.  Amanda wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with the characters.

We got Amanda on two rides, It's a Small World and a Carousel.  Had the GAC pass but never had a chance to use it.  She was completely overwhelmed by the park and was insisting on heading back to the hotel and pool.  We got to the park at 10:00am and she was DONE by noon.  Tessa had gotten to ride Haunted Mansion with Craig which she declared "NOT a favorite" but that was it.

By lunch time, I was literally dragging Amanda to lunch in the park when Craig turned and suggested we separate.  I would take Amanda back to the hotel while Craig took Tessa through the park.  And off we went our separately ways.  We had known this to be a possibility but did not think it would happen so early in the day.

Took Amanda back to the hotel.  Fed her.  And back to the room where she rested and played her DS.  She was quite content.  Two hours later as I was getting ready to take her to the pool, Tessa knocked at the door.

She had had a blast.  She saw Ariel and got her signature.  She was right at the edge for the afternoon parade with a new baby Marie plush.  Chip from the Chipmunks played with her hat, holding it over her head.  One of the evil step-sisters from Cinderella threw a tantrum wanting her Marie doll.  Another character cooed over the doll.  She was so excited.

Threw them in the pool and then off to Downtown Disney for dinner.  After dinner, we went back over to Magic Kingdom for the parade.  Used the GAC to get into the handicap setting area.  Popped her headphones on and waited.  She enjoyed the parade of lights and then we all paraded after to the Castle (Tessa INSISTED) to wait for the fireworks.  Amanda insisted she did not want to leave.  So we waited.

The lights dimmed and the Castle lit up.  And then the movie show started on the Castle.  And Amanda freaked OUT. (Later she told Craig that she was upset that they were changing the Castle) She want to leave NOW.  And as we were near the Castle, the streets were full behind us.  I felt a tug as she tried to run and told Craig she was at the bolting level and made for the exit.  Got to the Entrance pretty easily.  Well, easily for a parent used to these sort of situations and called Craig on his cell to say that the exit would be difficult once the fireworks started.   But like any good daddy, he was already on his way to us.

Back on the bus we went.  Was not a huge day for Amanda.  She did not enjoy Magic Kingdom as we thought she would.  Wanted nothing to do with the characters.  But she went back afterwards to try again.

Tessa had a wonderful day.   And that was worth everything to see the happiness on her face.

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