Saturday, May 4, 2013

We made it to Disney!

After two years of discussion and trepidation, we booked our trip to Disney in December.  It is the first trip to Disney for the whole family and our first official family vacation ever!!!

We had to be at the airport two hours early and for a flight that leaves at 8:25, that is EARLY.   It is made easier that the girls are normally early risers, but 5:00 am was a bit much even for them.....

We flew JetBlue direct to Disney and were in row 6.  JetBlue books last to front which is nice because we were not waiting inside the plane the whole time.

Take off went great.  Amanda did fabulous.  She watched Backyardians and Diego on the tv on the back of the seat in front of her.  She did not want to hear them with headphones.  She had her blankie on the plane and I was glad that I did not pack it.

She did fabulous with the landing.

Waiting to find the bus to Disney was a little much for a little girl who at this point had refused to drink anything.  Got on the bus and she sat with Craig for the ride.  LOTS of thumb-sucking.

Got to the hotel and our room was ready!  On-line check-in is the way to GO!!!  Rained on us during the walk to the hotel room but no biggie.  Our bags would take longer to get to us.  So we went and had lunch.  Managed to find a cheese pizza and pink milk.  Amanda would only drink less than half the milk.

Took the ride to Downtown Disney and took in the sights!  Tessa and I had fun in the LEGO store but did not see anything we could not get at home.  But at this point, Amanda was COOKED.  She was tired.  THIRSTY.  And hot.

Had to wait 20 minutes for the bus and the entire time, she fussed, sucked her thumb and went between Craig and I to hold her.  Got back to the hotel and forced her to drink a bit more juice.  Finally got about 4oz in her. 

Then we took her to the pool where we discovered that all the work Craig and I had down at the beach and water park had still held.  She walked down the steps up to her neck in the water and had a blast.  Walked a little too far in and Tessa had to haul her back.  But she was still determined to head back.

Had dinner.  Instead of bread, we were given cornbread and Amanda tried a bite but made a face.  But a few minutes later asked for some and then she ate two pieces of cornbread, then half her pizza and fries.  Still not happy about her small liquid intake and will have to force liquids tomorrow at Magic Kingdom.  I am not willing to try our Mickey Mouse's EMTs if she dehydrates.

8:00pm came early and my little creatures of habit put on their PJS and got into bed.  No fireworks or late nights for these little girls.

Amanda is still tossing because we have the light on but Tessa is OUT!

Tomorrow we shall play by ear.  Not sure Amanda can handle the overload and physical stress of a full park day.  There is no way she can make it until close.   I just hope we make it past lunch.  But going into this, I knew our experience with Disney was not going to be the typical family experience.   Nothing in a family with a child with a disability is typical.  All I can hope to do is provide enough of an experience that she feels safe and excited in with hampering Tessa's.  It will not be perfect.  We will not even see half a park.  We will be lucky if we see an eighth.  But if she is happy, then it works for us. 

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