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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Hurray for a lazy Sunday.  We did not have to visit Craig's parents as we had seen them yesterday and they leave Thursday for Puerto Rico.  We stayed home all day.

I made breakfast of bacon and pancakes.  Got a little ironing done.  Blocked the blanket I recently finished crocheting, and by recently I mean last night while watching a movie.  Then spent the day crocheting a baby hat while reading and then played DDO with Craig.

Had the ultimate MMO parenting achievement today when we were playing and Amanda was getting antsy.  So up I went and put Tessa in my seat to run my rogue around an open area with Craig and a guidie while I finished cooking dinner.  She looked awesome.  She waded into the fray swinging on Tinkabelle.  You can even see her fighting in the firewall.  Geek Parenthood FTW.

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