Sunday, January 23, 2011

A little homemade pet therapy

The perils of Winter.

Poor Tessa.  She learned the hard lesson about watching too much TV and computer time.  She got a vicious headache.  Curl into a ball level.

She did go outside in the early afternoon to play in the snow but it was really cold.  So she spent most of the afternoon on the couch or on her computer as I napped.  The bronchitis is getting my butt.

She ended up going upstairs while Craig was trying to nap.  He came downstairs to find Amanda on my computer playing Petville and told me that we were missing one.  He went upstairs to find her curled into a little ball crying.  So downstairs they came to get a little Motrin for her and a little cuddling with Daddy.
I got on the couch when he left to go get dinner.  I had her on my shoulder and called over the cats.  Buggy curled behind her knees and Little Man stretched out on my chest.  I wait about 5 minutes and then slid out to go help Amanda finish her dinner.

The cats curled up with Tessa and she passed right out.  15 minutes of pet therapy later, she woke up quite happy.

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