Saturday, January 1, 2011

It is a new year!

Ok.  First post of 2011. 

We told Panda yesterday that it was a new year and that she would have to not come into Mommy and Daddy's bed at night.   She has been suffering such bad nightmares lately. Anxiety caused by the Autism.  So Daddy gave her his magic words to scare away the nightmares and I gave her Pixie Dust to ward off the nightmares.  Then we tucked her into bed and went downstairs to play DDO.

We logged off DDO around 9 and sat and watched a movie.  Just before midnight, we heard the upstairs door open and close.  I went running up the stairs to hear her whining in the dark.  We were not in our bedroom.  It was early for a nightmare, then it hit me.  OOOPS Bad parenting moment.  We had forgotten to give her "nightmare" medicine which is a small dose of valium to help with anxiety over the nightmares.  So she settled into Craig's side of the bed.  Downstairs I went to give Craig a midnight kiss. 

We put Amanda back in her bed and Craig cuddled with her until she fell asleep.

There is our New Year's Eve revelry.  Envious much?

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