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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A weighty subject-part 2

 I finished Amanda's weighted blanket Tuesday night. 

She was already in bed when I finished.  I had to run a 1/4 seam around to close in the ends and tidy up the blanket.

She was still up at 10pm so I brought it up to her room and placed it on her bed.  She was very happy.  She has either a head cold or allergies right now and was pretty miserable trying to sleep. 

Checked on her about 20 minutes later and she was out!  And she stayed in her room all night and woke up in a good mood, except for having to scrub dried snot off her face.

So on THAT note, here are the pictures of the finished product.

All tidied up with strings cut

On top of her bed in the morning

Tonight, Craig drove out and got her some allergy meds to help with the stuffiness.  She could barely eat dinner because she was so stuffy.  About an hour later, off to bed she goes.  Snuggles down under her new blanket.  8:40 rolls around and miracles amaze us.....she is not moving around in her room.

9:30, I go and check on her.  She is OUT.  Sleeping peacefully.  IN. THE. DARK!  She had turned off her lamp!!!  Amanda has slept with a lamp on for over a year now due to anxiety and nightmares.  

She turned it off and went to sleep!

Whether it was the allergy meds, the blanket, or a combination of both, I will certainly take it!!!!  She was relaxed enough to turn off her light and go to sleep!!!

Sleep well, little Panda-girl.  Sleep well.

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