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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WeeRide Pro-Pilot update

I sent an email Monday and got a response today to call the company directly with an 800-number. 

Ordered an additional hitch for my bike for 20.00 and then 4.95 for shipping.  It is being shipped today or tomorrow.

I will just need to take the basket attachment off my bike and replace the seat pin.  The seat may need to be raised a little too.

My Schwinn Discover Hybrid

Of course, biking with Pro-Pilot and Amanda on the end will greatly increase the workout and the soreness for the next few days :D

This way, she can ride behind Craig part of the time and with an easy switch of a linch pin, we can put her behind my bike.  Then both of us can ride with Tessa ahead.

Cannot wait for the hitch to arrive!!!!!!!  Now to get myself a basket for the front for juices and water for the family.  Yay us!!!!

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