Thursday, May 31, 2012

Love of quilting

I have not done any quilting for some time now.  Since before I moved into this house in November of 2009.  I had put away a fat quarter quilt that I had started cutting up when we decided to put the old house up in August 2009.  I had to pack up all my projects to have the house ready to view and never really set up a new area in this home.  I had sewed some things but really the area was a disaster.

We are cleaning out the basement and organizing our areas now that the playroom has been completed.  I am finally organizing my sewing area that I share with the 5 guinea pigs  :D  I got a 9-cube shelving unit with fabric drawers.  Craig put up a peg board on the wall and I am setting up a second folding table to create a T-shaped sewing desk.

I have a co-worker whose little man turns 1 in August and has invited us all to share with her excitement on his big day.  So what does a crafter do?  Starts planning ANOTHER project!  WOOT WOOT!!!

I start scouring for fabric.  Immediately come across the center piece fabric and enlist my co-workers for opinions on coordinating fabric choices.  Order it and got it over the weekend.

Last night I started cutting the three fabrics.  Cut out the squares for the main fabric. Pieced the coordinating fabrics that I had cut into 16- 2 1/2 stripes and cut out the 31-6 1/2'' rectangles and the 40- 2 1/2'' rectangles.   Then it was bedtime!  Well, after I check out how it will all look together.  Then it was REALLY bedtime.

This morning I sewed the 40 pieces together into the alternating squares and sewed two rows together.  Very pleased. 

I had forgotten how much I loved doing this.  The sewing....the cutting....the ironing....the final piece assembling itself.

So while cleaning the basement over Memorial Day Weekend, I came across two quilting projects that had been bagged up and put away.  One project has been put on hold of over 4 years!  So I took it to work today to see if I can salvage the project and was astounded to see how close I actually was to completion!

All the squares had been pieced together!  I even had one row sewn together.  The fabric had been in a closed bag,  I even have the border and backing that I had purchased for it.  Just needs to be sewn all together and then I will throw it in the wash before adding the batting and hand-tying the quilt.  Just to get any musty smells out and to iron over 4 years of wrinkles. 


BACKING-actually sad that I do not have more of this instead of the border
  Might as well finish it up and put it up online at my Etsy store.  Then perhaps complete the fat quarter quilt that is half started.  Waste not....want not.....

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