Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tandem Bike Riding Continued......

So, Memorial Day weekend was another couple of successful bike rides!!!

Saturday, we rode around the neighborhood before lunch.  It was so warm.  Amanda had a blast.  She did lots of pedaling with Daddy.

Monday, we went to the Blackstone River Bike Path.  We rode 5 miles.  2.5 each way.  Amanda was nervous at first because she did not recognize the area.  But soon as we pedaled over the river and along the waterway, I could hear "WHEEEEE" and "Daddy, go FASTER!!!!!"

She was so happy.  It was great.  This was what we wanted to do as a family.  Amanda's autism and sensory delays threatened to not allow us to do this.  But the WeeRide Pro-Pilot allowed us to be able to do this.

So if you have a child with Autism or any other disability that interfers with them being able to ride a bike with you, please consider this.  It has added to our family.  Amanda is enjoying bike riding.  Looks forward to getting on the bike.  And wants to go faster!!!!!

I have already ordered the secondary hitch for my bike to make for easy changes and a new seat post that I can attach it to easily without crushing the suspension.  Hopefully, she will adjust  to me on the front!!!

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