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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Knitting beyond your comfort zone

As I have previously mentioned, I am better at crochet than knitting.  But I know that my knitting skills are never going to improve unless I start knitting projects outside my comfort zone.  I have baby hats on DPNs under control now and felt it was time to push my boundaries.

I saw this sweater this weekend and feel in LOVE with it!!!

Zoe Cardigan

I have never done lace work or cables but I decided to give it a whirl and bought the pattern.  I LOVE instant downloads :D

Grab myself a longer size 6 circular needle and some lovely silk bamboo yarn and off I went!!!!

Here is where I was at yesterday:

Not completely convinced that the cast on stitches at the end are correct....

 Today, I am here:

Still not convinced it is correct.....

I shall keep trying to see how this plans out.  I am not giving up and frogging yet.  The lace work and the cables are coming out beautifully and I am in love with the yarn.  If I am able to pull it off, this shall be a gorgeous sweater with a nice drape.  So I shall endeavor to carry on believing in the pattern and my pattern reading skills, which luckily, are pretty good as the pattern has left out a step or two so far.

Wish me luck and check back in for my progress!

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